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Local Advertising Decision Makers' Perceptions of Media Effectiveness and Substitutability

By Leonard N. Reid, Karen Whitehill King, Hugh J. Martin, & Hyeonjin Soh


"The fight for local media advertising is between newspapers and radio foremost, and then between direct mail, Yellow Pages, and cable TV."

Source: Journal of Media Economics, 2005, 18(1), pgs 35-53.

Type of Promotional Material/Activity Tested: This study analyzes perceived media effectiveness within the context of local advertising comparing radio, cable TV, yellow pages, direct mail, magazines, and newspapers.

Sample Population/Methodology: 250 local advertisers/decision makers were surveyed with 130 questionnaires  returned (a 52% response rate). Researchers chose three prominent local media executives familiar with the market to identify the top advertisers in the chosen market.


Independent variables:
  Dependent Measures:
    Top Line Results:
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Complexity Rating: 2 (Complex statistical analysis scale: 1 = none, 2 = moderate, 3 = difficult)

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