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The Mail Moment

By Commissioned by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and Conducted by InnoMedia Inc.

Direct Mail

"The immediacy of mail and the attention it receives by consumers gives a company’s marketing message an opportunity to be noticed unlike any other media channel."

Year:  2004

Type of Promotional Material/Activity Tested: The value of mail in a multi-channel marketing environmen

Sample Population: 1,502 U.S. households representing a nationally sample

Metrics: In Phase 1, a mail survey was sent to US households to be completed by the person responsible for bringing in and sorting the mail. Phase 2 was devoted to 54 qualitative one-on-one interviews with consumers on their engagement with their mail. 

Top Line Results:
             Percentage of household members responsible for the mail who:
Bring the mail in  the same day it is delivered 98%
Determine which mail is kept for review 90%
Are the primary grocery shoppers 84%
Sort through the mail immediately           77%
Sort through mail for coupons and bargains 63%
                           Percent Agreeing with Statements about Mail:
Value the privacy of mail 75%
Value the security of the mail 68%
Feel it is more personal than the Internet 67%
Value the reliability of mail 65%
Enjoy taking time to browse catalogs 63%
Look forward to discover what is in their mail 55%
Note: % top 2 box scores on 5 point Agree/Disagree scale

                  “I really depend on mail and would be lost without it”
Age of Consumer  % Agree
60 years and over 62%
50-59 years 52%
40-49 years 52%
Under 40 years 45%
Note: % top 2 box scores on 5 point Agree/Disagree scale
Take Aways:

Complexity rating: 1 out of 3 (complex statistical analysis scale: 1=none, 2=moderate, 3=difficult)

Read more about this study: USPS, The Mail Moment, March 21, 2005.