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College Newspapers are the Best Read Medium on Campus

By Alloy Media Marketing’s College Newspaper Audience Study, conducted in partnership with MORI Research



"In this online age, the strength of the campus print publication has not diminished.  In addition to being valued by its community, the advertising in the campus newspaper is paid attention to, sought out, and often times acted upon."

Date: Spring 2008

Type of Promotional Material/Activity Tested: College students reading habits and preferences, as well as behaviors and attitudes towards, advertising within their campus paper.

Sample Population: 1,246 college students from 550 universities across all 50 states.  The study also surveyed 250 faculty and staff members from over 200 universities.

Methodology:  Online survey.  The margin of error is /- 2.8% for the students and /- 6.2% for the faculty.   Top Line Results:



What actions have you taken part in as a result of advertising in your campus newspaper?
Any (net) 70%
Attended an event 50%
Mentioned to a friend 43%
Researched product/service online 28%
Saved ad for future reference 27%
Called or visited a store 18%
Purchased a product or service 11%





Complexity rating: 1 out of 3 (Complex statistical analysis scale: 1= none, 2= moderate, 3 = difficult)


Source: College Newspapers Are the Best Read Medium on Campus featured in the publication The Fix.